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Yelvertoft Pre-School is a Curiosity Approach inspired Pre School.
We operate from the village hall in a picturesque rural setting.  Benefitting from having a secure outdoor play area, as well as access to a play park, pocket park, large playing field and enclosed pond

We encourage our children to learn,  play and discover in a home-from-home setting, offering a variety of natural and authentic resources designed to encourage awe, wonder and curiosity.
Potion making #curiosityapproach #natura
Here’s one of our open ended story telli
We provide a safe, secure and stimulating environment for children aged 2 to 5, offering individual care and attention made possible by a high ratio of qualified early years professionals to children. Each child has the support of a personal key worker to enhance their development and education. 
                                  Our Ethos:
Supporting children and their families through open-ended learning, being creative, promoting the use of outdoor learning, mindfulness and supporting positive attitudes. We adopt a child centred approach to learning as we help prepare children for their next steps.
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